Your doors and millwork are more than just a way to enter your home – or a room. They can set the tone and feel of the whole home. The wrong door can be an eyesore, so choosing the correct door is important.

Style and Appearance


You wouldn’t opt for a mid-century wooden craftsman style door for a modern office building, or a sleek steel door for a Tudor style home. That seems obvious enough, but it is important to note that for your home to have a cohesive designer feel, you need to choose a door that reflects the same time period and style as your home. A tall ornate iron double door might be called for on a larger estate home and an arched wooden door might better suit a bungalow.


Consistency of Design


Details, such as the millwork, make a difference inside your home, including the interior doors. Your doors should coordinate with the entry door for a cohesive feel throughout your home. Work with a designer or your contractor to select interior doors that add to the heartbeat of your home. Panel doors may take precedence over standard slab doors if you want a traditional feel. Sleek doors with clean lines may be more appropriate for modern and contemporary homes.


Function and Efficiency


Make sure to have your contractor’s help in deciding on exterior doors that fit and seal well. This will help keep weather and insects outdoors and the temperature regulated inside. Make sure that when they install the doors the seals will be draft free and leak proof.


Take a photo of your home with you to your millwork fabricator. When you speak with the designer or contractor, show them your pictures so they have something solid to work with. They will guide you in selecting appropriate doors for use inside and out. You will enjoy the results and guests will appreciate your good taste.