Wooden box for storing utensils with cells

You have worked hard to become a proud business owner and whether your store is a little Mom-and-Pop endeavor, a floral shop and cafè or a larger retail store, your place could benefit from the sophistication and charm of some well-built wooden display cases. Here are a few of the reasons you should consider adding millwork to your displays.

Five Reasons to Choose Custom Wood for Your Displays

1. Handmade wooden shelving shows you give individual attention and that details matter. Customers will view this beyond-the-mark effort with appreciation. And don’t hide these great furniture pieces in the back. Wooden shelves or cases make a great setting for window displays. Think outside the box and find something uniquely you.

2. Wood can be fashioned to your exact needs and specifications. If you want a boot-shaped shoe shelf, you can have one. If you want a 14-foot cabinet to hang wedding dresses with trains, so be it. You are only as limited as your imagination.

3. Millwork can be stained or painted to fit the theme and colors of your store, be it a finely finished cherry or maple stain or a rustic and distressed shabby chic or farmhouse feel. You could combine a number of complimentary finishes for an interesting look.

4. Create a posh feel in an upscale boutique or an avant-garde twist in a quirky clothing store or cupcake shop. A skilled carpenter will be able to create what ever you need to show off your products and further enhance the theme and style of your business. And steel or other elements can be incorporated for further interest and functionality.

5. Wooden display pieces have the added advantage of being sturdy and timeless. They will go the distance and keep their good looks for years. You can also personalize them by cutting, carving or stamping your logo or other designs into the wood.

Hire a professional carpenter to work with you and come up with creative and effective ways to use millwork displays to your advantage. You may never go back to ‘off-the-rack” shelving again.