Create an Impressive Entrance to Your Home With Millwork


Think of the truly memorable homes you have been in. What made them stick in your mind? Marble floors or gold chandeliers? Perhaps what made the difference and gave the space its character was the use of expertly crafted and well-placed millwork.

Chances are that the marble floor and gold chandelier would look oddly out of place in the absence of fine woodwork. There are several ways you can utilize wood trims to emphasize or add drama to your entryway. Contemplate working some of these into your build or remodel.

Using Millwork to Enhance your Entryway

•Create a substantial banister or railing

•Show off windows and doors with decorative casings

•Use chair or plate rails, board and batten or wainscoting to add drama

•Include an impressive mantle and flanking shelving

Stairways and Walks

When you live in a home with a designated entryway, take advantage of the opportunity to make a lasting impression. If there is a grand stairway or even a less than grand one, adding a magnificent banister or railing will add importance and drama to the space. Perhaps there is an opportunity to add a railing even before your guests enter, alongside steps or a walkway leading to the door.

Doors, Windows and Walls

Doors and windows are always a great place to add some special touches with decorative molding and casings that set them off and add some impact. And don’t forget the walls. A paneled wainscoting or a board and batten treatment adds a look of luxury and sophistication.

Mantle and Shelving

If the sitting room or great room is visible from the entry, be sure to carry touches of wood trim into that room as well to create continuity. This is an excellent place to show off a fireplace or library shelving.

Hire a skilled craftsman that is up to the job of adding trims and warm wooden touches with well-executed millwork in the entry of your home. Whether finished with a natural wood stain or painted to match your décor, you will have an entryway to be proud of.