Using Architectural Columns to Decorate Your Home

The look of architectural columns is a classic one. If you want to give your home more curb appeal or simply love the classic look, then you might want to consider columns. Fiberglass columns can decorate the exterior or interior of the home. With a number of design options, you can use them to give your home more character.

Purpose of Columns

In general, columns are supposed to transmit the weight of a structure to the ground. Often, structural columns are a backbone to a home. However, many contractors are willing to install more decorative columns for style stake. These can be formed with traditional materials or you can have lightweight fiberglass columns.

Cylindrical and Square Columns

The cylindrical and square columns have a straight bottom that tapers slightly to the top. They come in a variety of designs and types. The tapering allows it to hold weight with deforming. Some columns may come with carvings.

Classical Columns

Classical columns are reminiscent of ancient pillars. In today’s world, these are still used in many high-end structures, many of which use stone and marble. However, many buildings also use fiberglass to create these classic looks. This mimics the design of classic architectural columns without the price tag of stone.

Column Materials

If you want to use columns for decoration, then your best bet is to select fiberglass columns or PVC. These lightweight materials have a limited carrying capacity. While they can’t support a structure, you can design them in a number of different, beautiful ways. Whatever type of column you want, you can design it that way. Of course, if you want materials that can hold up the weight of a structure, then hardwood and stone might be a better option.

If you want to add a unique and classical touch to your home, you should look into architectural columns. While some are still for support, you can find contractors that specialize in decorative fiberglass columns.