When you imagine the front door of your home, you likely think of either a wooden or steel-reinforced door. Both of these are common options that look great and provide high levels of security. However, steel can rust and become brittle over time, while wooden doors require a lot of upkeep. Without that continued maintenance, they must crack and warp. Because of these issues, homeowners are exploring other options and at the top of that list is fiberglass doors.

A Variety of Looks

When it comes to aesthetics, the sky is the limit with doors made from fiberglass. From hardwood imitations to more industrial or modern looks, fiberglass delivers. Homeowners can choose from not just different colors, but also different textures. Sometimes regular glass is also fitted into the door to create a more aesthetically appealing look while allowing some natural light to filter into the home.

The Durability

In most instances, when one thing imitates something else, it has poorer quality. This is not the case with fiberglass doors. Fiberglass will not warp, crack or rot. Unlike steel doors, they also do not rust. And, despite being made from millions of fine glass fibers, these doors will not break or shatter. This makes them one of the most low-maintenance options on the market.

The Green Value 

Energy saving capabilities now rank highly on most homeowners’ lists when it comes to building or updating their home. Consumers are becoming more conscious of how human behavior impacts the environment. It helps too that energy-saving benefits mean cost savings for the homeowners. Fiberglass is well-known for its insulation and noise-canceling properties.

Doors do so much more than provide access points to and from the home. They are also necessary for you and your family’s safety, whether you need to keep the cats in or the intruders out. If you’re seriously considering upgrading the doors in your home then opting for fiberglass doors may be one of the best decisions you ever make.