5 Types of Home Interior Doors You Can Choose From

As you walk through the doors of your house, have you ever stopped to consider the important connections they play in the composition and theme of your home? They can stand open to welcome the world, let in the lights, and allow movement from one room to another. The doors can also stand as sentinels to secure your home’s privacy when they are closed and to ensure your protection. As to your house’s theme, you can choose styles and designs that differ as much as a fiberglass door differs from a wooden panel. Here are five of the most popular home interior doors you can choose from.

1. Hidden Doors

These unique hidden doors can blend into their surroundings, whether they are open or closed. They blend into the wall when closed, and when open, they create a stunning visual trick that makes them look invisible.

2. French Doors

Popular as exit points in many homes, these glass and wood doors can also be used inside to allow light to move through several rooms at once. Seen as both elegant and sophisticated, the doors are perfect for adding privacy without seclusion.

3. Arched Doors

Beautiful arches top these interior doors. The doors can include decorative glass, cut woodwork, or hold to a rustic solid form. Many popular arched interior options include a fiberglass door that stands up to 12 feet high.

4. Barn Doors

The barn door slides along a track against a wall that allows the rollers to move the heavy panel. Growing in popularity the past decade, they are often used between master bedrooms and bathrooms.

5. Glass Doors

Whether you choose to have the glass door slide into the wall or pivot on a central point, these are beautiful additions to any room in your house. You can also choose from etched, sand-blasted, or clear glass in the door frame.

Choosing quality interior doors for your rooms can add privacy, security, and comfort to your home. Choosing a beautifully created fiberglass door or wooden solid panel can also help you save on energy bills.