Add Charm to Your Home With Crown Molding

You want your home to be more than just functional. A beautiful interior is more relaxing for you and welcoming to your guests. It can also add value to your home. In addition to paint, floors, and furnishings, crown molding can add a nice touch of charm to your rooms. 

What Crown Molding Is

A crown molding is a decorative piece of wood or plaster that is placed in the corners of a room, at the top of the wall next to the ceiling, or at the bottom near the floor or mopboards. It can also be installed above windows and cabinets. It can be designed in many different shapes and in colors that either complement or contrast the room. The name crown refers to how it is often used to cap parts of the room.

Advantage of Crown Molding

Crown molding is a fairly easy way to add class and charm to any room. It does so in a subtle way that is nonetheless noticeable. With its versatility, you can design your rooms any way you wish. Another advantage is that it can be used to hide cracks, stains or imperfections in your walls or ceiling. 

Crown Molding Materials

Traditionally made of wood, crown molding can also be created from plaster. Hardwoods such as cherry, oak, maple and ash can be stained and add a rustic charm to a room. Pine can be used and either stained or painted. Plaster, polyurethane and medium density fiber can also be used to build crown molding. These substances don’t have the look of wood but are durable, easily painted and generally less expensive than wood. Depending on your budget, your sense of style and the overall look of your rooms, you can choose from a wide variety of options.

When designing and decorating your home, the finishing touches often make big statements. Crown molding is an excellent way to add subtle accents of charm and beauty to any room in your house.