Choosing a Column Design for Your Porch

Porch columns set your home apart, giving it an instant boost in curb appeal. You want to make sure that the columns you choose fit in with the rest of your house’s overall look. Finding the right style to match your home ensures that they won’t look out of place.

Classic Designs
Columns have been used in architecture throughout history for added support and elegance. There are many classic styles to choose from:

  • Corinthian – Greek style with an inverted bell shape
  • Ionic – Round base with scroll design at the top
  • Egyptian – Tapered top with decorative details
  • Doric – Greek, fluted style with a smooth top
  • Romanesque – Short, square shape with decorative elements 

Even if you choose a classic design, you don’t have to stick to classic materials. Modern porch columns can be made out of fiberglass or PVC. The color doesn’t fade as quickly as painted wooden columns do, which is good news if your porch gets a lot of sunlight. Maintenance is simple. Columns made out of these materials can be cleaned with soap and water. That’s all it takes to keep them looking beautiful for a long time.

Custom Designs
After looking through available designs, you may decide that you like certain elements of several styles. It’s also possible that you won’t particularly like any of them. You may have another look altogether in mind for your columns. It’s important to take the overall style of your home into consideration when choosing a column design. Whatever you decide, you need to choose something that you are completely satisfied with. With custom design, you can work with your contractor to create the specific look you want for your home.

No exterior design feature makes quite the same statement as porch columns. They enhance a home’s elegance and make it stand out in the neighborhood. Take the time to choose the column design that is right for your home.