Exploring Column Options for Your Exteriors

There are many ways you can update your home. You may plant shrubbery, give it a new coat of paint or change the cabinets. Another option to consider is adding fiberglass columns. When done well, this upgrade automatically gives your home a touch of elegance. Before you call a contractor to start the work, it’s a good idea to decide where you want to put the columns and what purpose you want them to serve.

Fluted columns with decorative additions or Roman columns add sophistication to your curb appeal. Round columns can either be simple and understated or tapered for a fancier look. If you are going for more of an American countryside look, square columns are probably the way to go.

Columns can serve a variety of purposes outside your home. You can use them as pedestals for water features, bird feeders or birdbaths. Some people use short columns as extra seating or tables. Fiberglass columns are a great way to add a regal touch to a fence or can help mark the beginning of your driveway or garden path.

You can use columns inside your home to indicate the flow from one room into the next. If you have an open floor plan, you can use columns to differentiate between different living spaces. They can mark the boundaries between the spaces, such as between the dining room and living room. It’s also common to see an elevation change marked by a column to draw attention to the steps.

You can use columns as a design motif throughout your home. They can be used almost anywhere that you want to add an interesting height difference to the objects on display.

Adding fiberglass columns to your home can make a striking difference in its overall look. Whether you use them for practical structural purposes or just for decoration, columns are a classic design choice.