How To Get Great Customized Fiberglass Doors

Installing fiberglass doors can be a beautiful upgrade to your home’s exterior. Fiberglass is very durable and lasts a long time, which is likely to more than make up for the cost of installing it. Choosing the right fiberglass options for your home comes down to a few basic steps.

Overall Design

The first thing to discuss with your design professional is the overall vision you have for your new doors. Do you like the current look and just want a simple change in the door itself, or do you want to switch out the whole entry system to give it a complete makeover? The labor cost for door replacement is less, but a completely new entryway that increases your curb appeal and home value may be the smarter financial choice, particularly if you can get it all under warranty. Consider how a new system may fit into your budget for the project.

Basic Modifications

There’s more to choosing new fiberglass doors than picking the stain or color you want. While fiberglass is already a better choice than wood or metal when it comes to insulation properties, if your door is going to be exposed to a lot of wind or other elements, it may be a good idea to add additional insulation. Your contractor needs to know the exact dimensions of the door or entry system so that he or she can create a piece that is a perfect fit for the space. The key to a finished product that looks right is attention to detail in the design phase.

Additional Features

Consider small embellishments such as glass or etchings. Glass panels increase visibility and add beauty to the door. Designs carved into the door produce an eye-catching effect. Talk to your designer about lighting options for your entryway that can enhance the overall look. 

Fiberglass doors are a great way to update the look of your home. A design professional can help you find the best option for your exteriors.