Instantly Change Your Home’s Appearance with Decorative Columns

Harking back to the Greco-Roman world of the past, decorative columns bring classical elegance to your home. The columns support the home while adding a nod to classic architecture. Modern homes use fiberglass columns over heavy marble for cost-saving beauty you can put in any building.

Fiberglass Benefits

Fiberglass columns are budget-friendly while still remaining durable and easy to install. The material resists rust and heat. Since the material can be shaped, you can have a design that suits your home and personal tastes. Use the lightweight columns to hide unsightly plumbing, wiring and air ducts. The material resists moisture perfect near coastlines, lakes and anywhere else humidity is an issue. A lifetime warranty is available from most manufacturers.

Column Uses

Think beyond a support structure when deciding where to put these columns. Complement the beautiful design you chose with a decorative base to further set off the look. Easily divide two rooms with decorative columns strategically placed. As dividers, the columns can add dimension by clearly defining room spaces without putting in a wall. Make a smaller space appear bigger by adding a pair of columns. The room receives an instant style upgrade without further cramping the room.

Design Range

The design range of columns extends far beyond a plain white cylinder. In fact, you don’t have to choose a cylindrical shape at all. There are square box options, traditional smooth and straight or fluted tapered. Painted columns offer a new take on the classic white of centuries past. Beyond the Greco-Roman designs, Tuscan-styled columns have grown in popularity. Find the right style for your home by browsing the many available options.

Fiberglass columns allow you to redesign your home with an interesting eye-catching architectural feature with minimal cost and effort. Capture the old-world elegance of the ancients or the flowing hills of Tuscany right in your home. The change brings instant beauty to the home.