Sales Advantages of Fiberglass Doors With Sidelights

The front door of your home serves an important purpose. It lets you come in and out. But it’s also part of the decor of your exterior. You want a door that is solid, secure, and also contributes to the character of the house. There are many advantages to a fiberglass door. Sidelights can also add to its charm.

Easier to Care For Than Wood

Traditional wooden doors are beautiful. But they require extra maintenance and can be damaged by inclement weather. A fiberglass door is stronger and can stand up to even the most severe weather conditions. They require far less maintenance and will outlive even the best wooden door.

Energy Efficient

A front door needs to provide a solid seal to keep warm or cool air in, depending on the season. This can help keep your heating and electric bills down while allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. A fiberglass door provides superior installation to wood or even steel. They also keep out moisture and humidity that can make your interior uncomfortable or cause mold to grow.

Great Looks

Fiberglass can be molded into realistic-looking woodgrain. It can come in any color and match oak, maple, pine or whatever your favorite wood is. A fiberglass door doesn’t have to be stained or refinished every few years. It’s easy to clean and will continue to look great year after year.


For a wider than the standard opening, you can pair your door with one or two sidelights. These panels also come in durable, attractive fiberglass and contain windows that let more natural light into your home. They enhance both the interior and exterior beauty of your home will all the same advantages of a fiberglass door.

Your front door is more than the entry to your home. It’s also a calling card. While wood can be very pretty and functional, the advantages of a fiberglass door may make it your best option.