Tips for Choosing Building Materials When Building a Home

Building a home is a lot of work, especially when it comes to planning everything and choosing the right materials. Here’s what you need to do to get all the materials you need when you need them.

Windows and Plumbing

Windows and plumbing fixtures should be ordered about the time the foundation of a home is poured, as they can take a while to arrive. Windows often take between three and six weeks to arrive, and you don’t want to end up with no windows on a home during the building process. For plumbing fixtures, you should give yourself about two to three weeks from the time you order to the time you need the fixtures. 


As far as roofing goes, you should choose and order your roofing when the foundation is being poured. This ensures you get the roofing you want and aren’t surprised by a lack of availability.


Once you’ve finished the rough framing portion of your home, it’s time to figure out what siding you’re going to use and get it ordered. During this time, trades can run any vents or plumbing that may need to be run out of the walls of your home before they’re finished.


After you’ve got your rough carpentry finished, you can figure out what type of flooring you’re going to get and order that. Make sure you get any carpeting, hardwood, ceramic tile or other flooring well in advance to make sure it’s available.

Interior Trim and Electrical Fixtures

The last thing you need to order and take care of in terms of building a home is the interior trim, millwork and electrical features. For interior trim and millwork, you need two or three weeks to allow for orders to arrive. When it comes to electrical fixtures, you want to make sure you’re ordering everything at least six weeks in advance.