Tips for Installing Interior Doors and Adding Trim to Raise the Value of Your Home

House prices today stagnate at relatively low levels when compared to those years when the real estate market boomed. As a result, many homeowners are seeking new ways to add value to their homes. Two ways that a homeowner can raise the value of his or her home is installing interior doors and replacing the exterior trim with PVC trim. How exactly should a homeowner go about doing these tasks though? Here are some tips for the installation and replacement processes.

Change the Doors  

Interior doors include doors like closet doors and hallway doors. Just like replacing the trim with PVC trim raises value, so does replacing existing interior doors with better doors. In many cases, interior doors are hollow. One way to up the value of your home is to take these hollow doors off and install sturdier doors with solid cores in their place. This will also add weight to the doors and lower noise levels. 

Follow This Advice

As for the installation itself, here is some advice:

  • Place wood shims between the studs and jams
  • After the slab door is secured in the frame, use a cross brace to keep it in place
  • Make sure the frame and the right side of the brace are flush with each other
  • After the slab door is in, cut, glue and nail the trim in place

Inspect and Replace Exterior Trim

Before you begin replacing your exterior trim, you should do an inspection of its existing state. If you observe broken pieces and peeling spots, the time to have new trim has arrived. Go ahead and replace your trim with PVC trim. However, keep in mind that all kinds of trims have their own specific limitations. 

Installing new, better quality interior doors adds value to the home; aesthetically, they serve as interior decoration, and function wise, newer doors generally work better. Replacing the exterior trim also boosts house value and can lower value if it appears too shabby due to the power of first impressions. So consider taking on one or two of these projects or hiring a professional to do them for you.