Wood or Fiberglass Doors: Which Material is Better for Your Home’s Exterior?

The process of building or renovating a home can be incredibly exciting and satisfying. It is also a journey filled with decisions that can feel overwhelming. When it comes to choosing a front door, you may be stumped about whether to go with a wood or a fiberglass door. Which is better? Read on for some information about the important aspects to consider in this decision.


A front door should last decades before needing replacement. Wood doors can be durable and develop a beautiful patina over time, but they do have a tendency to become warped or rotted without proper upkeep. Harsh weather like wind, rain and snow can do extra damage to a wood door. A fiberglass door, on the other hand, is built to withstand moisture, temperature changes and all kinds of weather patterns. This low-maintenance door choice is easy to keep beautiful and doesn’t need refinishing or restaining.


Front doors made of wood are the traditional choice for a warm, luxurious feeling when you come home at the end of the day. Their natural grain and substantial heft are known markers of a well-appointed home. The good news is that fiberglass doors can be shaped to mimic the feel and appearance of wood, and they excel at their energy efficiency, temperature control and strength. When it comes to price, wood doors tend to be a larger investment both initially and over the long term while fiberglass doors can be as little as half the cost.

In the end, a fiberglass door performs quite well and can often be a better choice than wood for an exterior door. However, fiberglass is just that — fiberglass. If you love the look and feel of wood and feel attached to the idea of a wood door, it may be well worth it to invest in one. Whether fiberglass or wood, your front door should be a component of your home that adds to its beauty and feeling of comfort.